Q&A: Can I change my PS4 hard drive like I could on my PS3?

Have you thought about changing your PS4 hard drive like you could on your PS3 well here is how you can do it thanks to tech insider:


Q&A: How do I do a cache reset or hard reset?

If your console is having some sort of issues with either a game or a party depending all you need to do is press the power button on the front of the console for 10sec until the screen on the tv cuts out of goes black ( you may have to wait until the controller home button stops flashing before turn the console back on).

Q&A: How do I change my regions on Xbox One

UPDATED: Dec 2015

Double tap the home button and scroll down the settings (the cog), then go to system and in there you will find language and locations. Click on Locations and change it to which you would like. Once you selected the location you want you will need to reboot your Xbox for the location to affect.

Q&A: How do I purchase Xbox 360 games that can be played on your Xbox One?


There are two ways you can do this:

1. Go onto Xbox Website and click on the game that you wish to buy and sign in and it says install to Xbox 360 but don’t worry about that, as long as the game is playable on the Xbox One, you should see it in your ready to install area in your games and apps. If not just restart your console and they should pop up then.


2. If your lucky to own both console, all you need to do is pop on to your 360 console and buy the game as normal would do and the game if compatible with Xbox One should show up.

If you any questions please comment below.

Q&A: How do you buy games from the US Xbox Store?


We would to point out that we are not held responsible for any issues with both your country’s Xbox live store or the US store.
1. First thing you need to do is go to this website http://www.pcgamesupply.com and sign up either by Facebook or PayPal.

2. One you have signed up go on the top right hand side and select either euro or GBP depending on where you live

3. On the website go to the Xbox live tab and select US region and then you will see the vouchers in your currency

4. Once you have brought the vouchers and have them, you will need to restart your console to the US region of which to do that you need to do the following: press the three lines on your controller (Start Button) and then going to setting> system> language and regions and in regions select US and once you have done that go to restart and the console will restart

5. When the console has restarted go to the store tab on the top and select games> Use a Code (the quickest way is to say “ Xbox use a code” from any screen) click on use a 25 digit code and enter the codes you got from PC Game Supply.

6. Once you have enter the codes in the Xbox you will need to use your computer again and search for a US address as you will need as a billing address for buying games. (you can use your mobile number (last 10 digits) as a phone number)

7. When you have enter the codes go to the games that you want to buy and the first one will ask for a bill address of which you should of got above and you can use your credit to pay for it and you should take it off your balance.

8. Once you have brought your games you want STOP all downloads and go back to settings> systems> language and regions and then select region that you live in and then restart your Xbox.

9. When your Xbox has restarted go to the games you have brought and download them and your done.

If you have any problems or need advice about this comment below and we will happy to help.


Xbox announce this week at E3, the latest sequel in the Tomb Raider franchise Rise Of The Tomb Raider and below is the world premiere of the trailer.

There is no confirmed details on when a release day but when we know we shall post it on here.

Sunset Overdrive has been given a release date

Sunset Overdrive was announce a release day at E3 this week only on Xbox One

The Game is due release on 28th October and you can now preorder it from most retailers today.

Mad Max GamePlay Trailer

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

The Witcher 3 Gameplay Trailer

Xbox announce at E3 this week The Witcher 3 for Xbox One and here is some gameplay from the trailer

Issues with Game with Gold on Xbox One


We have been seeming over a few Facebook group and messages from some users saying that it only goes to 99% and then fails.

We found out that after at the same time as games or gold coming out that you need to have the latest xbox update which came out on the same day (i think it is June update).

Once you have june update for your xbox retry downloading free games for gold and it should work.

To update your console, Go into Setting > System> Update Console

If there is an update this should be white and not greyed out.

If you have any issues please comment below and we can help you out.